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Focus on Mark Twain

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  • Interactions Between Short-Term and Long-Term Memory in the Verbal Domain.
  • The Inner Structure of Tai Chi: Mastering the Classic Forms of Tai Chi Chi Kung.
  • Early and 19th-Century American Literature - Department of English - University at Buffalo.

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American Literature: The Puritan Period

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Nineteenth-Century American Literature | Department of English Language and Literature

Overview Aims and Scope This handbook offers students and researchers a compact introduction to the nineteenth-century American novel in the light of current debates, theoretical concepts, and critical methodologies. You are here American. I specialize in American film and have published extensively on sound in film, especially as it relates to the unfolding history of modernity and the aesthetics of both high and vernacular modernisms.

Other sound interests include the material history of human sensory experience and how it conditions the emergence and normalization of representational technologies. My latest sound research deals with theories of asynchronous sound in film and with the Wagnerian aesthetics of modern sound design in American film.

SAMPLE READING LIST: Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Like most of the members of Cinema and Media Studies, I approach the American cinema as part of a global system of cultural production and exchange. In the past, my research has focused on popular literary genres e.

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  • Edited by Russ Castronovo.

Rather than assuming that historical contexts help to explain a particular literary text, I assume that literature provides access to an otherwise unrecuperable history. That is, I assume that the act of literary analysis including formal analysis can become an "historiographical operation" all its own.

American Literature Late 19th Century

Edward Corbett…. A pioneering American novel of manners first published in ,…. The Age of Reason is one of the most influential defences of Deism the idea that God can be known without organized religion ever written. The novel relates the adventures of Pym…. The Last of the Mohicans enjoyed tremendous popularity both in America and abroad, offering its readers not only a variation on the immensely popular traditional…. Susanna Haswell Rowson, a popular and prolific writer, actress, and educator in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, had a truly transatlantic life and….

19th century american novel 19th century american novel
19th century american novel 19th century american novel
19th century american novel 19th century american novel
19th century american novel 19th century american novel
19th century american novel 19th century american novel
19th century american novel 19th century american novel

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