Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM

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Scientific publications—2013

The objective of the design problem considered involves in generating optimized patterns in terms of SLL and BW and check the robustness of the social group optimization algorithm SGOA. The analysis of the design problem is carried out in terms of radiation pattern plots.

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The simulation is carried out in Matlab. Abstract: Web mining has become a more emerging topic these days and is speedily increasing with the growth of data on web. It is playing an essential role in our life as it helps us providing quicker information by using new trends and technologies to improve. Hyperlink structure analysis and web crawling provide scope for more advanced research topics.

If a system coverers various most relevant web pages in search engine environment, then it can improve the result of search engine.

Today, web crawling is an emerging issue in search engine which considers search quality, accessing pages at various servers to extract features. In the current scenario, the user may only be interested in the best result with some specific constraints. The constraint may define to the domain of search or importance of relevant pages. Here, we consider important or useful pages for particular user in searching environment. Experimental results show that the proposed framework is working properly for different domain.

Abstract: Pressure swing adsorption PSA is a well-established technique for separation of components from air, which is commonly known as Air Separation Unit ASU , drying of gas and nitrogen and hydrogen purification separation and etc. In PSA processes, the most important is adsorbent material depending upon its properties.

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Generally, ASU is difficult to operate due to high degree of energy integration into itself. This research article represents the separation of nitrogen from air. As separation of nitrogen is a very important in the field of chemical engineering as it has wide applications in the various process industries.

This article mainly focusses on the separation of nitrogen using PSA unit only. The response pattern suggest that the flowrates of nitrogen and other gases follows quadratic equation. The significance of the coefficients of the equation and the adequacy of the fit were determined using Student-t test and Fischer F-test respectively.

The final flowrates obtained are interchanged in order to obtain the maximum conditions, except for nitrogen production other production rates remain the same. Abstract: Nowadays The disease prediction by the using the machine learning has become very common.

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With the end goal to accomplish a compelling method to distinguish skin disease at a beginning period without playing out any pointless skin biopsies, advanced pictures of melanoma skin injuries have been explored. In this paper, distinctive computerized pictures have been investigated dependent on unsupervised division strategies. After this, a complete dialog has been investigated dependent on the outcomes. Melanoma spreads through metastasis, and along these lines it has been turned out to be exceptionally deadly.

Feature that excess prologue to radiations from the sun dynamically disintegrate melanin in the skin.


Likewise, such radiations invade into the skin thusly pulverizing the melanocyte cells. Melanomas are uneven and have sporadic edges, indented edges, and shading assortments, so examining the shape, shading, and surface of the skin sore is basic for melanoma early acknowledgment. In this work, the fragments of an advantageous steady non-invasive skin sore examination structure to help the melanoma abhorrence and early disclosure are proposed. The initial segment is a constant caution to help customers with anticipating skin duplicate caused by sunshine; a novel condition to enroll the perfect open door for skin to duplicate is along these lines introduced.

The second part is an automated picture examination including picture obtainment, hair area and dismissal, damage division, feature extraction, and plan. The framework has been created in a propelled application in Matlab. The preliminary outcomes show that the proposed structure is compelling, achieving high plan correctness. QM pillar is a critical activity of the TPM approach which expects to delight the customer through zero defect manufacturing. TPM that is effectively implemented increases the production efficiency with an ultimate aim of achieving zero losses, zero breakdown and zero defects.

The main aim of QM pillar is to eliminate the non- conformances in a methodical way and maintain the equipment for high quality products. Activities involved with QM pillar was able to decrease the customer complaints and regulatory complaints to zero. Abstract: Text mining for social media has now become decisive tool for marketing, and many businesses understand the supremacy of embracing technology into their marketing campaigns. There is no reservation that use of user generated texts has stimulated the companies to identify them and use it for decision making, however, classifying sentiment analysis through these texts is still a fresh sensation.

Online retail companies in UAE are an early adopter of social media, but how do they use text mining techniques is still a matter to wary upon. The study proposes a model to collect reviews from multiple sources and identify sentiments and topics simultaneously. The model is the tested on 3 online retail companies in UAE and the results depicts productive outcomes.

Abstract: Mobile Wireless Sensor Network is a encompassing of spatially conveyed self declaration frames works with a correspondence for examining and recording circumstances at conflicting areas. Mobility based wireless sensor network includes thousands of mobile sensor nodes in the heterogeneous network, wherever each sensor nodes is associated with sensor node head.

Mobility based wireless sensor network is arising and appealing exploration region in which a few applications, for example, human services, agribusiness, and military are making utilization of it. Energy proficiency is a standout amongst the most critical problem in mobility based wireless sensor network. Clustering authorize high accessibility, overhead and parallel processing. A tactic is used in heterogeneous moveable sensor network is clustering to reduce the energy exploitation and boosts the duration of network.

Clustering approach weaken mobility stream, restrict energy exploitation, develop remaining energy and increase the duration of the heterogeneous sensor network mobile sensor network. This article assimilates exploration of unusual energy productive clustering protocols in mobility based wireless sensor network. Abstract: With an increase in the population and demand for elevators in high-rise buildings, there is a need for installing more number of elevators to transport passengers efficiently.

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The paper presents a survey of different techniques used to schedule and dispatch elevators in EGCS. The research study focuses on the dynamic scheduling of elevators for all up and down landing calls that aims to overcome the limitations and weaknesses of the existing works. The main aim of the research work is to reduce the waiting time of passengers for a car call on a specific floor and save power consumption of the elevators or lifts.


Fuzzy algorithms, neural network algorithms, and genetic algorithms are the primary methods used to dispatch elevators in the control system. The study compares experimental results generated by various methods. Abstract: In this study a three phase hybrid composite is fabricated comprising of graphene and carbon nanotube CNT nano-fillers reinforced in epoxy resin. The filler contents were maintained 0 and 1 wt. Effect of filler ratio on dispersion and tensile properties of hybrid composite mixture are investigated.

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The best dispersion is observed for graphene: CNT content indicating good bonding between both the fillers and epoxy matrix. The maximum tensile strength of Analysis of PSD of composite mixture provides a direction for selecting appropriate filler content and fabrication process. The reaction progress and compositions of elements were analyzed as a function of microstructure. The presence of functionalized filler and formation of copolymerization of polymer was confirming with the help of the EDX spectra of the hybrid composite. Hybrid composite confirmed the presence of Carbon, Chlorine, Silicon and other elements.

Variation in the ratio of elements present in pristine and hybrid epoxy composite confirms the occurrence of chemical reaction during processing of composite sample. The detailed results will be presented and discussed. Abstract: The uniform noise distribution over the image is assumed in most of the filtering techniques.

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The resulting filtering technique becomes problematic when noise not uniformly distributed. Magnetic Resonance images with spatially varying noise levels were produced by Sensitivity-encoded, intensity inhomogeneity and surface coil based acquisition techniques. To adapt these spatial variations in noise levels, we propose a new Adaptive Blockwise approached NL-Means Filter where denoising capability of filter is adjusted based on the local image noise level.

Image Noise levels are spontaneously acquired from the MR images using a proposed new adaptive technique. The proposed Multiresolution filter adapts the filtering parameters automatically based on image space-frequency resolution. The outcome of the stated multiresolution Adaptive Blockwise Non-Local Means Filter shows better performance in considering the non uniform noise when compared to Rician NL-means filters where the noise parameters has to be specified initially. Abstract: Service level agreement SLA is a key to attract the user to opt service from the cloud.

If SLA violation rate is high then it directly affect to cost and user distraction. In this paper, we have done state-of-art survey on various SLA-aware resource management frameworks and obtain the different objective function and the utilization percentage from year to The execution time, cost and SLA violation rate, objective functions computed for this framework and compare with two existing frameworks.

Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM
Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM
Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM
Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM
Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM
Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM
Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM
Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM

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