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When I was a catechumen 11 years ago I was having problems accepting the doctrine of the Literal Presence. What does it have to do with anything? I know exactly what you mean.

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For me, it was a sort of dual-issue of veneration of the Saints and icons. I understood all the arguments, heck, I could have probably defended the practices in a debate about as well then as I could now.

I was convinced of basically everything else I understood of Orthodoxy, except for that. I just, eventually, got to a point where I was willing to give it a try…and have been kissing icons and singing hymns to Saints ever since! Eclectic Orthodoxy. Skip to content.

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Behr elaborates on this early tradition: The apostles were not interested in the images and analogies of plurality found in Scripture, nor in reconciling plurality and unity. Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted in Athanasius and tagged church fathers , cross , economic trinity , immanent trinity , incarnation , theology of the cross. Bookmark the permalink.

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  • Blog at WordPress. But all these things, and more, which for their number we cannot mention, the worker of wonders and marvels, the Word of God, giving light and life, moves and orders by His own nod, making the universe one. Nor does He leave out of Himself even the invisible powers; for including these also in the universe inasmuch as he is their maker also, He holds them together and gives life to them by His nod and by His providence. And there can be no excuse for disbelieving this.

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    For as by His own providence bodies grow and the rational soul moves, and possesses life and thought, and this requires little proof, for we see what takes place,—so again the same Word of God with one simple nod by His own power moves and holds together both the visible universe and the invisible powers, allotting to each its proper function, so that the divine powers move in a diviner way, while visible things move as they are seen to do. And this one may see from our own experience; for if when a word proceeds from men cf. Office of Readings, Th. Just as the chorus is composed of different people, children, women again, and old men, and those who are still young, and, when one, namely the conductor, gives the sign, each utters sound according to his nature and power, the man as a man, the child as a child, the old man as an old man, and the young man as a young man, while all make up a single harmony;.

    There is also another find changes of a stylistic nature, as before,37 but also variants :lspeet of the revision which is un-Athanas ian in tone, that of a theological nature. The major differences between the two is the preoccupation with the role of the soul as life. The idea recensions of the d. Athanasian in language; b the change at So as the divinity of the Logos is stressed; c the change at II; d. But it ch. For it is clear that all the witnesses, both But this is the only occasion when Athanasius uses the specific manuscripts and quotations, have each their own idiosyn- term 'separated' in this sense.

    The the death of Christ, he expresses himself somewhat differently: 'short-recension text' rather represents the common factors in the Logos 'put off' hE8ETO 42 the body in death, later raising the various revisions. And although the S. One may conclude that the favoured by Monophysites, their quotations from the c.

    In Monophysite circles the altered texts eventually We have therefore two grounds for seeing in the Short caused Athanasius to be acclaimed as an anti-Chalcedonian Recension of the c. But this trans- emphasis on the Logos as opposed to the human nature of formation lies beyond our immediate scope. Christ, and the parallel notion that the Logos played a role in Christ similar to that of the soul in ordinary men. The text, but are the most important. They are cited in an order authority of Athanasius naturally attracted these forgers, and based on Ryan's classification, but the stemma below adds a few the imprecision of his own terminology made their versions nuances to their reconstructed relationship.

    S generally offers the most reliable thought that the revised version was the origina1. Where the two main groups differ, the best reading is The contra Gentes-de Incarnatione is another of the works of llsually that which agrees with the text of the short recen- Athanasius which circulated in two forms.

    The revised form sion. Lebon, op. Lebon, 'Alteration doctrinale de la lettre a EpictCte de S. Revue d'histoire ecclesiastique 31 , 7 1. AFY apparatus. It is noticeable that The earliest quotations come from the so-called Serrno maior, 48 Nand z sometimes agree against the rest of group p,. Casey has discussed the variants in more pronounced. E, despite retouchings,46 is the best witness, some detail; it is interesting that quotations of the same pas- and the earliest to the de Inearnatione by five centuries.

    The importance of CD, which offer different readings. The citations in the Sermo indicate derive from a common ancestor, is that they are the only that even at this early date there was no fixed text for the S.

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    • This has not been a short extract. This problem of individual variants which is noted in the stemmata codieum, but is clear from the apparatus. Of all the authors who cite the c. Although he used recensions, not the purposes to which the text of the e. However, the quotations are of some interest in his readings agree with either all or some of the S. Evumuw with.

      ED in ch. So when hardly be fortuitous. The Doetrina Patrum,50 a late seventh- quotations disagree with the common text and follow the S. Ryan was unable to see b, so did not crossing. It quotes the long recension of the c. All the other writers who quote the c.

      [PDF] Contra Gentes and De Incarnatione (Oxford Early Christian Texts) Full Colection

      Timothy Aelurus,49 Leontius,5I and the catena in Vat. The textual tradition of the which dates from the time of Zeno. I alone am 49 See below, p. Diekamp Munster, For the L. I have used Ryan's published collation corrected S " ' J. Basnage, Thesaurus Monumentorum ecclesiasticorum et historicorum i Amster- against the originals where possible , supplemented by my own of b. I, paper, 16th cent. Opitz, p. Athos, Laura rI86 , parchment, 10th cent. Long recension f.

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      Opitz, pp. Ia, d. Athos, Vatopedi 5 and 6, parchment, 14th cent. Recension, pp. OpItz, c. Athos, Dochiarion 78, paper, 14th cent. Casey, The Short Recension, pp. Casey, The Short Recenswn, pp. Schwartz, 'Codex Vaticanus gr. Band, 6. Abhandlung Munich, Ham. Leipzig, Just.

      Klasse, N. Sermo maior de fide des Athana- 7 sius', Sitzungsberichte der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschqfien, 8 phil. Abhandlung; and H. Migne, Patrologia Graeca, Ter- 15 Mekerttschian and E.

      Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione
      Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione
      Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione
      Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione
      Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione
      Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione
      Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione Contra gentes, and De Incarnatione

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