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Network vs Single Door:

We offer products, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms — now all from a single source. With more than years of experience, we stand for security, sustainability and reliability. And with this foundation we want to remain at your side as a skilled partner.

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The merger to dormakaba offers you added value in each phase of our collaboration. We are now there for you through every development phase of your building project, enabling the best solutions for your requirements. The process goes something like this: After recognizing your face, a receptionist presses a button and you hear a buzzing sound telling you that door is now open. The "buzzing" sound you hear is the result of the alternating current from the power source making the lock vibrate.

This experience can help you get a mental picture of the inner workings of an EAC system. A basic EAC system consists of a reader, a controller, and an electric lock. In our example, the receptionist's eyes are the reader that allows her to recognize you.

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Her brain is the controller. If her brain is convinced that you belong inside, it will send a signal to her finger, ordering it to press a button and release the lock. In a modern EAC system, the readers are designed to recognize codes something you know , credentials something you have , or biometrics something you are. If the system uses a code reader, you enter a personal identification number PIN into a keypad to identify yourself to the system.

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With a credential reader, you would present a card or key fob. A biometric reader must read a part of you. Popular biometrics include fingerprints and hand geometry.

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Finger vein patterns are also becoming a popular form of biometric. Retinal scans have been used for some time. Finally, facial recognition is a developing technology. While this technology is useful for investigations , it has not yet gained wide acceptance as a method for access control.

4 Cross-Departmental Benefits of Electronic Access Control

Keypads are the simplest and least expensive form of access control readers. Keypads, such as those produced by IEI , provide a simple method of entering your code. However, keypads have two drawbacks: codes can be easily shared and easily stolen. Because of these two drawbacks, keypads should not be used in a high-security application unless they are combined with a credential or biometric.

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  • Electronic Access Control.

This "two-factor authentication" is a very secure approach to access control. Hirsch tm Electronics produces a more sophisticated keypad, known as a ScramblePad which greatly reduces the threat of stolen codes. The ScramblePad arranges the numbers on the Keypad in a random pattern each time it is used.

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Because the numbers do not stay in a fixed location, an intruder cannot guess your code by looking at the pattern of wear on the keys. The ScramblePad is also designed in such a way that it cannot be read from an angle.

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Access control credentials usually come in the form of cards or fobs that can hang on your keychain. We use high quality brand names in our installations to ensure the long-term durability of your card scanners. Please get in touch with us to organise a quote for an electronic access control system installation for your business. Electronic Access Control EAC allows you to access specific doors with different keycards, much like a master key system. You can also get a complete log of who accessed what door at what time.

Electronic Access Control Electronic Access Control
Electronic Access Control Electronic Access Control
Electronic Access Control Electronic Access Control
Electronic Access Control Electronic Access Control
Electronic Access Control Electronic Access Control

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