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Points of View Reference Center Points of View is designed to assist researchers in understanding the full scope of controversial subjects. Students can use this as a guide to debating, developing arguments, writing position papers, and developing critical thinking skills. Gale Databases Comprehensive collection of all Gale online reference sources including literary collections, reference e-books, and the National Geographic archives.

This book presents current research in the field of abnormal psychology. Topics discussed include self-harm in adolescence and young adulthood; depression and a parenting intervention; a hermeneutic approach to culture and psychotherapy; psychotic symptoms in children and adolescents; treatment approaches to aggressive behavior in schizophrenia; fetal origins of antisocial personality disorder; neurobiology of borderline personality disorder; patterns of interpersonal behaviors and borderline personality characteristics; the psychology of body image and borderline personality and sexual impulsivity.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development remains the most authoritative and accessible account of all aspects of child development.

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Written by an international team of experts, its comprehensive coverage includes everything from prenatal development to adolescence, pediatrics, theories and research methods, physical development, social and emotional development, perceptual and cognitive development, language development, psychopathology, and parenting. The second edition has also been thoroughly updated to reflect major developments over the last decade in areas such as neuroscientific methods, developmental cognitive and social neuroscience, the effects of environmental influences on gene expression, and the relationship between human development and evolution.

Throughout entries, the Encyclopedia advocates an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the study of child development. With clear, jargon-free style and user-friendly format, this is the essential reference for researchers and students of child development, as well as healthcare professionals, social workers, educators, and anyone interested in the well-being of children.

Encyclopedia of Cognitive Psychology by Carla E. Wilhelm Editor Call Number: ebook. This book presents current research in the field of cognitive psychology. Topics discussed include a new perspective on human consciousness; cognitive rehabilitation in middle-aged Alzheimer patients; cognitive theory of obsessions; the cognitive effects of anxiety on sexual arousal; conceptual combination; TP-theory as a new perspective on cognitive psychology; peripheral responses elicited by motor imagery and preverbal category formation.

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Rogelberg Editor Call Number: ebook. With more than entries, the Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology presents a thorough overview of the cross-disciplinary field of industrial and organizational psychology for students, researchers, and professionals in the areas of psychology, business, management, and human resources.

In two volumes, readers are provided with state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts. The Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology is the first authoritative guide to synthesize the dynamic field of multicultural psychology. This volume includes entries on a broad array of issues and covers the breadth of psychology viewed through the lens of the racial and ethnic minority experience.

The Encyclopedia addresses culture across a broad spectrum of psychological perspectives and includes topics that are relevant to social psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and clinical psychology. Encyclopedia of Psychology Research by Mallory E.

Weinstein Call Number: ebook. This book presents important research advances in the study of psychology research. Topics discussed herein include cultural psychology; meta-mood research; child and adolescent psychiatry; psychological influences on child nutrition; psychotherapy of addictive diseases; sexual hormones and aggressive behaviour in schizophrenia; Asperger syndrome; personality traits of intelligence; and the expression patterns of bizarre behaviour.

Encyclopedia of Social Psychology by Roy F. Baumeister Editor ; Kathleen D. Vohs Editor Call Number: ebook.

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The Encyclopedia of Social Psychology is designed as a road map to this rapidly growing and important field and provides individuals with a simple, clear, jargon-free introduction. These two volumes include more than entries chosen by a diverse team of experts to comprise an exhaustive list of the most important concepts. Entries provide brief, clear, and readable explanations to the vast number of ideas and concepts that make up the intellectual and scientific content in the area of social psychology.

The Encyclopedia also includes bibliographical references p. I68 A completely updated one-volume edition of the 4-volume International encyclopedia of sexuality published , covering nearly 60 countries and places, 10 not previously included. Includes bibliographical references. The Continuum complete international encyclopedia of sexuality covers conventional sexual issues, and also includes coverage for such topics as unconventional sexual patterns, sexual dysfunctions, gender-conflicted persons and sexual issues for the aged and mentally challenged individuals.

Edinburgh International Encyclopaedia of Psychoanalysis more G95 E53 Encyclopedia of alcoholism and alcohol abuse more Encyclopedia of animal behavior more Encyclopedia of applied developmental science Print more Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology more B4 E Encyclopedia of cognitive behavior therapy more Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development more Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science more The Encyclopedia contains articles covering in depth the entire spectrum of the cognitive sciences.

It reviews the common themes of information and information processing, representation and computation; it also covers in depth the core areas of psychology, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, and neuroscience. Ancillary topics such as education, economics, evolutionary biology and anthropology are also covered. Encyclopedia of Consciousness more Encyclopedia of counseling: master review and tutorial for the National Counselor Examination, state counseling exams, and the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination more Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural School Psychology more Encyclopedia of depression more A Covers classic and contemporaneous research but written in non-technical language.

Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology more Encyclopedia of Human Behavior more E53 Print copy. E Encyclopedia of Mental Health more Encyclopedia of Neuropsychological Disorders Print more This two volume set includes signed articles usually 4 to 6 pages covering most areas of psychological assessment.

Each article provides references. Each volume provides a list of contributors with affiliations. The second volume includes a comprehensive subject index. Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma Articles are signed and include references. The Encyclopedia includes author and subject indexes.

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  • Marihuana: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Cellular Effects.

In a second search box enter the term or phrase for the topic on which you seek information. Click on the [Search] button. Encyclopedia of sex and gender: men and women in the world's cultures more The Encyclopedia of sex and gender provides a comparative perspective on issues involving ideas about gender and gender related issues. The encyclopedia is divided into two volumes: Topics and Cultures. The perspective of topical overviews and cultural portraits makes this Encyclopedia of sex and gender a unique reference work for any scholar interested in gender studies and cross-cultural differences in sex and gender.

The encyclopedia includes a culture name index, a subject index and a compilation of bibliographical references. Encyclopedia of sleep and dreams: the evolution, function, nature, and mysteries of slumber more The Encyclopedia comes in three volumes: v.

  1. The Reliability, Availability and Productiveness of Systems?
  2. Man and his Environment. Proceedings of the Second International Banff Conference on Man and His Environment. Held in Banff, Canada, May 19–22, 1974!
  3. Reference - PSYCH Research Methods in Psychology - LibGuides at Northwestern University?
  4. Menstruation and the Female Body in Early Modern England.
  5. A-E -- v. F-O -- v. It includes bibliographical references and an index. This is a very comprehensive source related to mattes of data collection and measurement techniques in the social sciences. This well indexed two volume compendium of social psychology theories, methods and applications includes approximately signed articles by an international group of scholars.

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    The articles, in an easy to use A to Z format, all include opening definitions and reading lists. This comprehensive 4 volume set contains non-technical articles related to statistics in the social sciences. The Encyclopedia provides complete coverage of current statistical methods. Contents: v.

    A-D -- v.

    Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories
    Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories
    Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories
    Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories
    Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories
    Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories
    Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories Elseviers Dictionary of Psychological Theories

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