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Included in your fare, no reservation required. Hi, I'm currently playing the Roguelike Adventures Dungeon mudpack and I was just wondering: what would be the required lvl to enchant living V?

I'm currently lvl 32 and all the anvil says is "too expensive" without saying what lvl would be required. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! In reply to hardtelephone :. I am slowly gaining momentum towards a 1. Once I get the 1. Anyone know anything about adding custom personalities? I wrote a few extra to shake things up, but given that each personality has a number value between 0. Any way to get custom personalities in there too without overwriting existing ones? The number is just a weight.

Visual Enchantments Resource Pack 1.14 / 1.13

How common it will be during gameplay, in relation to all the other personalities. For example, if 2 personalities have a weight of 1, they'd be equally common. However, if one had a weight of 2, with the other still having a weight of 1, the one with a weight of 2 would be twice as common. It's hard to describe, but it works in my head. Will that mean that Living Enchantment will get the leveling up abilities like in the current Soul Craft?

I like being able to 'level up' your own soul which increases your attack, defense and break speed modifiers per level? If so It would sorta give it a RPG-like style in a way, you getting stronger overtime and if you keep using the same tools I am having an issue where whenever I repair a living weapon or armor piece in an vanilla anvil, it resets its personality and sometimes even its level. I am in version 1.

If there so happens to not be a fix, thats fine ill keep fixing it like I have been, I just thought I would bring it to your attention to see if ive missed something.

CopperKnob - ENCHANTMENT - Jo Thompson

In reply to unbalanxed :. I'm pretty sure it's just a bunch of lines from a different personality that I put through an "alien language translator" found here. It may also just be complete gibberish. In reply to Clownvin :. Well, the "alien" language uses a character set that's outside most normal applications.

I had to set up special file permissions just to get it to compile. If you're not on the most recent version, you could be using a version where I didn't realize that bug yet. If you are on the most recent version I wouldn't know for sure. There's a lot that could go wrong with handling the alien text, and I thought about removing it at one point except I did eventually get it to compile and display properly, at least for me.

If you are on the most recent version, if you could tell me what the file alien. If that file is just a bunch of question marks too, it's probably due to some bug with using utf If you can see the "alien" language, then it might be some compatability problem with your computer and Java? In reply to madmax :. It could be a couple things. Somewhat unlikely, it could be a mod compatibility problem.

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More likely, it could be some bug with the version you're using, or in the configs, you may have given a really high value for their frequency. I'm using the latest version with the latest forge version and am using the standard config. Using it with a pretty large modpack.

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I could send you a link to the modpack download if you're keen on testing it? If not, then I don't have a clue as to what other mod could cause it. Aside from that, I really like the mod - thanks for making it! In reply to Scubasteave :. It's in the mod configs, if you're talking about the ones that are intentionally made incompatible with living. Sign Up. QuickInfo: Built using Forge version s : 1. Block breaks and kills award XP or there's also Mending-style. Lots of config options and some commands. Mending-Style : Living items will consume some of your XP to level up, similar to how mending works.

Enchantment Enchantment
Enchantment Enchantment
Enchantment Enchantment
Enchantment Enchantment
Enchantment Enchantment
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