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Find out more. Jacques Offenbach Orpheus in the Underworld Emma Rice brings her joy and theatricality to Offenbach's riotous satirical send-up, an operetta full of entertainment and comedy.

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Multi-Buy Packages The more you see, the more you save. What is the Orpheus Myth? How far would you go to rescue the one you love? Orpheus and Eurydice by Peter Paul Rubens. Take our quiz and find out! Orpheus at the Opera Have a read about the depiction of the Orpheus myth in opera.

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He also reached a high degree of influence because he was believed to have discovered mysteries, purification from sins, cures of diseases, and means of averting divine wrath. The Aeginetans worshiped Hecate , and in her honor celebrated every year mystic rites which, they said, had been taught to them by Orpheus.

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And the Lacedaemonians asserted that it was Orpheus who had taught them the cult of Demeter Chthonia of the Lower World. Having mourned her to the full in the upper world, Orpheus decided to fetch her, and for that purpose he descended to Hades through the gate of Taenarus.

Having descended to the Underworld , Orpheus accompanied his words with the music of the lyre, and it is told that not only the spirits wept but that also the ERINYES were wet with tears.

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He also entranced Persephone by his songs, and persuaded her to help him in his desire to bring back to life his dead wife. And so even Hades himself was persuaded to let her go.


However, the god promised to do so only if on the way up Orpheus would not turn round until he came to his own house. But thoughtless Orpheus forgot, and when he turned round and looked at his wife, she instantly slipped into the depths again.

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In this manner Orpheus lost her a second time. Hades and Persephone listen to Orpheus' song in the Underworld.

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Bissen, Orpheus pleading with Pluto and Proserpina to restore Eurydice to him. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen. Some have thought that through his descent to the Underworld , Orpheus performed a deed full of courage inspired by love. Not willing to die But others point out that Orpheus did not receive his wife back, because his attempt was the quest of a coward, who was not willing to die for her but entered the Underworld alive, and alive he left both Underworld and wife, who in that way died twice.

And as they reason thus, they have in mind Alcestis , who was allowed to return from the Underworld for having willingly died for love of her husband.

Still others assert that Orpheus came to his end by being struck by a thunderbolt, hurled at him by god because he revealed sayings in the mysteries to men who had not heard them before. Yet others say that because Orpheus first favored love for youths, he seemed to insult women, and for this reason the latter killed him.

bohemianjazzprophets.com/5795-mobile-phone-line.php Aphrodite then, angry at the decision, stirred all the women in Thrace with love, each to seek Orpheus for herself, so that they tore him limb from limb. His head fell into the sea and was cast by the waves upon the island of Lesbos where the Lesbians buried it, and for having done this the Lesbians have the reputation of being skilled in music.

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