Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide

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Noble-Adams R. Radiation-induced reactions. An examination of the phenomenon. Br J Nurs ; The prevention and management of acute skin reactions related to radiation therapy: A systematic review and practice guideline. Support Care Cancer ; Korinko A, Yurick A. Maintaining skin integrity during radiotherapy.

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Am J Nurs ; Barkham AM. Radiotherapy skin reactions and treatments.

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Acta Oncol ; Potent corticosteroid cream mometasone furoate significantly reduces acute radiation dermatitis: Results from a double--blind, randomized study. Topical corticosteroid therapy for acute radiation dermatitis: A prospective, randomized, double-blind study.

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Br J Dermatol ; Intraindividual comparison of two different skin care conceptions in patients undergoing radiotherapy of the head-and-neck region. Strahlenther Onkol ; Prophylaxis of radiation dermatitis with a topical cortisone cream. Double-blind randomized clinical trial comparing hyaluronic acid cream to placebo in patients treated with radiotherapy. Effects of Na--sucrose octasulfate on skin and mucosa reactions during radiotherapy of head and neck cancers.

Does sucralfate reduce the acute side-effects in head and neck cancer treated with radiotherapy? A double--blind randomized trial. Sulcrafate cream in the management of moist desquamation during radiotherapy. Australas Radiol ; Comparison of moisture vapor permeable MVP dressings to conventional dressings for the management of radiation skin reactions. Homogenous amniotic membrane as a biological dressing for oral mucositis in rats: Histomorphometric analysis.

Radiation Toxicity: A Practical Medical Guide

Arch Oral Biol ; Human amniotic membrane: A versatile wound dressing. Can Med Assoc J ; Indian J Med Sci ; Lobo Gajiwala A, Sharma V. Use of irradiated amnion as a biological dressing in the treatment of radiation induced ulcers.

Radiation Therapy: Dosing, Scheduling, & Toxicity Management

Cell Tissue Bank ; Judith E. Current practices for management of oral mucositis in cancer patients. Sonis ST. Mucositis: The impact, biology and therapeutic opportunities of oral mucositis. Oral Oncol ; Keefe DM. Mucositis guidelines: What have they achieved, and where to from here?

Cancer ; Mucositis incidence, severity and associated outcomes in patients with head and neck cancer receiving radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy: A systematic literature review. Interventions for preventing oral mucositis for patients with cancer receiving treatment Review. Indian J Palliat Care ; Oral sequelae of head and neck radiotherapy. Crit Rev Oral Biol Med ; Lancet Oncol ; Management of Oral Mucositis in Patients with Cancer. Dent Clin North Amr ; Oral mucositis and selective elimination of oral flora in head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy: A double-blind randomised clinical trial.

Br J Cancer ; Eilers J, Million R.

Radiation toxicity: a practical guide. Introduction.

Prevention and management of Oral Mucositis in patients with cancer. Oral mucositis: A challenging complication of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and radio-chemotherapy part 2: Diagnosis and management of mucositis. Head Neck ; Scope and epidemiology of cancer therapy-induced oral and gastrointestinal mucositis.

Development, testing and application of the oral assessment guide.

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Validation of a new scoring system for the assessment of clinical trial research of oral mucositis induced by radiation or chemotherapy. Mucositis Study Group. Jaroneski LA. The importance of assessment rating scales for chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis. Oral complications during treatment of malignant diseases in childhood: effects of tooth brushing. Eur J Cancer ; Concrete objective information.

Nursing interventions: Essential nursing treatments. Philadelphia: WB Saunders; Reducing the incidence of stomatitis using a quality assessment and improvement approach. Cancer Nurs ; Dudjak L. Mouth care for mucositis due to radiation therapy. Helpful Hints for managing mouth ulcers.

Handbook of Supportive and Palliative Radiation Oncology

Supportive Cancer Care. Randomized trial of a chlorhexidine mouthwash for alleviation of radiation-induced mucositis. J Clin Oncol ; The effect of chlorhexidine and benzydamine mouthwashes on mucositis induced by therapeutic irradiation. Caring for patients undergoing radiation therapy calls for special attention to topical skin care.

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  6. As more and more products reach the marketplace, clinicians needs to be cautious about blanket recommendations until these agents have undergone further testing to determine their effectiveness. Promoting adherence to skin care practices among patients receiving radiation therapy. Clin J Oncol Nurs. Prevention and treatment of acute radiation-induced skin reactions: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

    BMC Cancer. Grading dermatologic adverse events of cancer treatments: the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events Version 4. J Am Acad Dermatol. Dendaas N. Toward evidence and theory-based skin care in radiation oncology. Putting evidence into practice. Optimal topical agent for radiation dermatitis during breast radiotherapy: a pilot study.

    Fogh S, Yom SS. Symptom management during the radiation oncology treatment course: a practical guide for the oncology clinician. Semin Oncol. A prospective randomized, placebo-controlled skin care study in women diagnosed with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy.

    Oncol Nurs Forum. Radiation dermatitis: clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and treatment McQuestion M. Evidence-based skin care management in radiation therapy: clinical update. Semin Oncol Nurs. Morgan K. Radiotherapy-induced skin reactions: prevention and cure. Br J Nurs. National Cancer Institute. Cancer Statistics. Oncology Nursing Society.

    Updated July 29, Acute skin toxicity management in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy or EGFR inhibitors: literature review and consensus.

    Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide
    Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide
    Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide
    Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide
    Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide
    Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide
    Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide Radiation Toxicity. A Practical Guide

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