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Serious Men

A Midsummer's Equation. Keigo Higashino. Love and Longing in Bombay. Vikram Chandra. Customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Read reviews that mention manu joseph serious men ayyan mani good read institute of theory happiness of other people arvind indian brought seriously class complete funny living mumbai society bdd caste debut forced.

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Serious men

Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. If cynicism is what that passes the insight among the mediocre, then Manu Joseph is an Indian master of satire. Within in a blink of an eye, what a person may miss or do is captured by the author is an unpredictable way. The reality which seemed harsh will rub your belly bones with laughter. Serious Men is his first debut novels, which is a cunning war between the Dalits and Brahmin in the daily hustle of life.

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The colorful spectrum of men tamarinind thoughts and carnal feelings towards women, the eerie of her eye lashes and swing of her hip bones how a man carves his own canvass is all opened by the author hilariously. Whose great grandfather's were harassed by the Brahmins, who therefore consider himself as a Buddhist even though being a Hindu, his wife who doesn't talk to neighbor watches television and his genius son who is perlingual deaf doesn't like to be called special, he and his father play games which shocked the entire school, his mother and the ethnic Brahmin people in the Indian Institute of theory.

How the father sons game flips up and down everyone's life is all you need to see. I totally loved this book. The characters were unique and we could totally relate or see in our daily life's, but what goes behind the walls and curtains is all we know but no one says it loud. The author has graciously penned down, the lives of the people living in the old traditional tenements in a shanty room divided two ways kitchen and a common bathroom. The rising star of the chawl and praises to mother for giving birth to such a genius, saving penny by penny to to live up for months A witty narration of child prodigy, office politcs, external affairs, mocking people up winds up your head and calm the temple with a smile on your face.

I didn't just like the switching of life between the main characters. Rating: 4.

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Publication: Harper Collins If you like my Review do follow me will follow you back!! A very few funny moments and lots of irritating grey fillers.

Serious Men by Manu Joseph

Manu had a great idea, but somehow the extra details made this novel dull. It's clever, but it's also heavy with unwanted baggage. By the last page of this novel, you may end up feeling cheated since the build up had so much to offer.

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  5. But an excellent effort nonetheless. As far as the physical condition and the packaging bead concerned, this novel was up to mark. So kudos to Amazon and the seller. One person found this helpful. I had been watching this title for quite some time now but never thought of actually reading it. Now I only wish I should have read it long time back.

    Serious Men, Manu Joseph

    A lesson to myself that to never judge a book by its cover. The BDD chawls, scientists, their idiosyncrasies, power struggle, office romance and one underprivileged mind's cunning to take on a big scientific institution.

    Not to take anything away from Serious Men, which is an exceptional, and a very courageous debut at that, but Joseph's second book is a tour de force which takes you to an entirely different level of cherished literary hangover. Serious Men is a work, where so many things happen at so many levels, so many issues are tackled or brought forward, that you tend to lose your way at places, but Joseph does manage to bring you back to the shore deftly. Joseph's prose is again sparkling, racy, his vitriolic sarcasm and ready wit regaling you in almost every page. The book is full of myriad characters, with their individual quirks and idiosyncrasies masterfully described, but for me the standout performance was always Ayyan Mani's.

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    Ayyan is the rogue who went to Mensa, he is the Everyman, and also the Big Brother, with eyes and ears everywhere, he is the little big man of his 'chawl' society, and also the Dalit secretary who decides to wage war on his Brahmin superiors, and how! Ayyan's scheming mind is a puzzle that you revel in unravelling, and every time you feel that 'this is it, this time Ayyan Mani, you have gone too far, you and your lot are done for', the man comes up with yet another ace up his sleeve Sometimes it's absurd, it's crazy, it's like hitting the jackpot, but you never stop rooting for him and his son Adi, his puppet extraordinaire, because of the very familiar middle-class yearnings that makes him do what he does.

    It's also because of the very real treatment of the prevalent class divide, which becomes a direct catalyst for the supposed 'intellect-divide', that you are not forced to suspend your disbelief anywhere. The plot, though having parts, where you are somewhat taken for a ride, a "balloon ride" at that, is ultimately grounded in the base realities of living in a honeycomb-chawl, the Indian attitude towards education and prodigies, the hypocritical behaviour that one encounters at every strata of society, where serious scientists can drop the mask of politeness and engage in washing dirty linen in public just like politicians, where infatuation turns to obsession, and betrayal is a double-edged knife His obsession is the idea that alien bacteria are raining down on Earth and can be sampled by high altitude balloon; he rejects other astrobiological ideas, refusing to allow the Institute's radio telescopes to be used to look for extraterrestrial intelligence.

    Chafing under his autocratic rule, the radio astronomers, among others, are biding their time before staging a coup. They get their chance when Arvind and Oparma, the one woman academic at the Institute, fall in love with one another. Ayyan Mani is Arvind's personal secretary, who secretly listens in on his conversations and always knows what's going on.

    A Dalit, turned Buddhist following Ambedkar, he has a deep-seated anger against the Brahmins who run the Institute, and posting invented anti-Brahmin "thoughts of the day" only lets off a little steam.

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    He has a remarkable understanding of the feelings and motivations of others, but is prepared to use that to manipulate and control them. Even his own family is not spared, as he draws his son into a complex charade in which he is given out to be a genius prodigy. The depiction of the workings of the Institute is quite convincing, capturing something of the strangeness of academia without exaggerating it. And there's plenty happening outside.

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