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The Judging Eye

For a more detailed review, continue reading. A solid book with a slightly different atmosphere than the previous trilogy, but the grimdark aspect does not fade. Plot continues after twenty years of the First Holy War. New characters introduced are a bit more likeable. The worldbuilding is top notch as always — this time we get to get a peek into the past of the Nonmen. The writing gets better as the pacing improves and the philosophy is even more nuanced instead of being forced.

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The plot sets at twenty years after the aftermath of the First Holy War. Several plotlines are included: the palace, the wilderness, and the warhost against the Consult. Being a book in a new subseries, it bridges the previous story arc and the new one seamlessly. What happened before is addressed, repercussions of decisions are ruminated, and overall the story just marches on.

However, at the same time it also feels like setup for the next books. I really enjoyed the Achamian subplot as he strives to uncover the secrets of the Dunyain. New characters are introduced.

I thought they are a bit more likeable than the cast of Conphas, Xerius, Cnaiur, Kellhus, and even Esmenet. As always, Achamian is the highlight in the series for me. His character development is top notch for me. We get to see his obsession in exposing the Dunyain, and his introspection about his willingness to achieve his goals. I wanted to discuss about other characters, but I believe it is best for new readers to find out about them. The landscape of Earwa is further explored.

The ancient place used to host the Nonmen is the most intriguing aspect in this book. For how can one not gasp in awe, as he walks the brink of hell?

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The lore is further uncovered as the origins of Dunyain and Sranc are being revealed. The mysteries of the Outside are interesting as well. Great prose as always — do I need to further elaborate, especially if you have read the previous trilogy?

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This time though, Bakker upped his game by writing even better. The pacing improves and the philosophy parts are a bit more enjoyable to read as it is more nuanced and related to different characters.

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What I dislike about the prose is that, during set pieces it can be very vague about what actually happened. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive?

The Judging Eye : Book 1 of the Aspect-Emperor

Scott Bakker. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description '"The Judging Eye" is an incredibly smart and smart ass title to a book that deceives in being Bakker's most straight forward read. How Bakker continues to move Kellhus in mysterious ways is something I can't wait to witness more of' - BookSpotCentral 'Exquisitely intelligent and beautifully written Wielding more power than even the greatest sorcerer, Kellhus now leads a holy war deep into the wastes of the Ancient North, intent on destroying the stronghold of Golgotterath and preventing the Second Apocalypse.

Meanwhile his wife and consort, Esmenet, struggles to rule not only his vast empire, but their murderous children as well.

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    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One
    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One
    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One
    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One
    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One
    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One
    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One
    The Judging Eye: One The Judging Eye: One

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